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Inside Reading Is Resistance: How PSU Students Are the Beating Hearts of What We Do

Hello, friends of the resistance!

In Part 1 of our "Inside Reading Is Resistance" series, you met the Newton Family and learned more about us.

In this 2nd part of our series, I am honored to introduce the team of guest writers, editors, testers, social media experts, and collaborators that I am so lucky to be in community with this winter. I get a lot of questions about how we do what we do, and the answer is....with a lot of learning, unlearning, talking, giving feedback, asking questions, and becoming community with an amazing group of students.

Each season, I facilitate/teach two 6-credit community-based learning courses as part of Portland State University's University Studies Program. These classes are Social Justice in K12 Education and Anti-Bias Education. While I'm technically the instructor of these courses, I am actually a co-facilitator and co-learner in a community exploring anti-racist practice in education. The people who sign up for this course are ultimately my teachers as much as I am theirs. Please learn more about the Winter 2021 group here.

When COVID-19 changed so many things, it also changed the way my courses function. While we used to partner with local education organizations and schools, we found ourselves needing to work virtually, and I shifted all of us over to the work of Reading Is Resistance. And our collective efforts have helped this organization to bloom in such beautiful ways.

This term, we have 30 students supporting Reading Is Resistance as we also do deep learning about our identities, our histories, repairing harm, healing, finding joy, and working with young people with anti-racism at the heart. These students are own voices reading guide authors, reading guide editors, social media experts, reading guide testers (reading with young folx and reflecting on the experience), and work in collaboration with our community partners. They are steeped in the Learning for Justice Social Justice Standards and have committed to ongoing learning around racial justice, abolition, decolonization, and resistance. Look for their work popping up on our website and in our social media over the next few weeks and beyond! And look for them in the world -- living into anti-racist practice in all that they do!


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