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Words Matter: Celebrating the Shift from Teaching Tolerance to Learning for Justice!

We are so thrilled to hear that the organization formerly known as Teaching Tolerance has changed its name to "Learning for Justice" this week! As you may know, Reading Is Resistance uses the now "Learning for Justice" Social Justice/Anti-Bias Standards as an anchor for our work. And throughout the years, we've really struggled with our feelings around Teaching Tolerance's name even though we've always believed in their content.

In the recent article about the name change, they note:

The fact is, tolerance is not justice. It isn’t a sufficient description of the work we do or of the world we want. But when we were choosing our new name, we weren’t only thinking of the changes we want to see in schools. We were also thinking of how to best make those changes. That’s why we’re shifting from “teaching” to “learning.”

Because we want to recognize that we don’t have all the answers. We want to name that we are learning alongside you as you work for the changes that students, families, educators and districts need to ensure that our schools are places where all students can thrive. Because we understand that this work will outlast us.

And we want you to know that we promise to be in this work together with you. Because we want to honor this truth: that learning from—and with—one another is the first step to making justice real. -- "Our New Name: Learning for Justice

Yes to all of this! We are learners, we are in community, we are working for justice. Thank you, Learning for Justice, for reminding us how much language matters.


For ongoing thinking and conversation:

How might we shift our language about ourselves, about our teaching/learning, about our anti-racist work in ways that more aptly describe the roots of what we do?


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