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What We're Reading in August: A Mother-Daughter List of Favorites

My daughter is grumpily making slime. I'm at the table with my laptop grading and working on book-related projects. She tells me she's crying inside. I'm definitely going through a rough patch, too.

So, we read together, watch baking shows, and imagine the future. We work on Reading Is Resistance together, too.

We're project people. We like making things, laminating, creating collage, painting, and planning. We like some of the same books. And some different books. When Vera first started to be homeschooled, we decided to find a happy space where my work and her work shared a mission...anti-bias education, learning that feeds our sense of self and ability to relate to others, critical thinking, and lots of reading.

Here are some of Vera's current favorites. These are books she recommends to friends, both kids and adults, and is inspired by. I know she has loved a book when she (a) reads it within a week and (b) talks about it with me unprompted. All of these books fit into both of these categories. And I have to say that Vera has great taste...

Here are some mini-summaries of each book from Vera herself:

  • Henna Wars: about if something is important to you, you have to just do it, especially if it's something that effects your life

  • How to Make Friends with the Sea: it's about standing up and facing your fears and also learning how to be a good friend

  • Front Desk: It's about standing up for yourself and other people.

  • Blended: Is about standing up for what's right and saying what you believe.

  • Rick: Is about being kind to everyone no matter what and learning who you are.

  • The Fresh New Face of Griselda: Is about making friends but also helping your family


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