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VERA'S REVIEWS: Number the Stars or Nazis Are Poop

Updated: Jun 17, 2020


Number the Stars is about a girl named Annemarie, her little sister Kristi, and their friend Ellen who is Jewish. In the neighborhood of Copenhagen, the Hirsch's button shop closed, the school is closing and no butter or sugar is available because a war has started. Ellen's parents have to go live somewhere else because they're running from the Nazis without Ellen so it would be safer for her, so Annemarie and her family take her in and pretend she is part of their family. The girls move to Gilleleje to visit Annemarie's uncle to run from the Nazis who are finding and taking Jewish people and anybody who is helping them.

How are fairy tales referenced in the story?

Moments with fairy tales are used when Annemarie ran through the woods with a basket on a path like Red Riding Hood from the wolf but Annemarie was running from the Nazis to give a package to her uncle Henrik. This moment made a big impact on me as a reader. It was a little scary because Little Red Riding Hood was never safe in the story going into the woods without her mom, and it let me know that this character was unsafe while she was in the woods.

Who do you recommend this book to?

I recommend this book to all ages! The lesson in this story is to help others when they're in need even if it's dangerous.

What books do we recommend for folx after they read this book?


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