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VERA'S REVIEWS: An Interview about One Crazy Summer

ME: What is the title of the book you’ve just re-read?

VERA: One Crazy Summer, written by Rita Williams-Garcia.

ME: Why did you choose this book?

VERA: My teacher Ms. Britta was reading this as a read-aloud in the class in 3rd grade, so I kinda had to read it at first.

ME: But it turns out that you really loved it?

VERA: Yes.

ME: What made you love it?

VERA: It is about family and sisters. It's about a Black family in the past and the Black Panther Movement.

ME: What's the Black Panther Movement?

VERA: Huey Newton and a whole bunch of other people started a group called the Black Panthers, and they made summer camps for kids, and they would teach about things that are happening in the world. They had a breakfast program -- like giving breakfast to kids. And they had protests for justice. They were like the protests right ow. Not like burning buildings and things. More subtle, but it still made a difference. It was a movement of Black people -- kinda like Black Lives Matter.

ME: Was the family part of the movement?

VERA: Yes. Not at first. But the girls went to the summer camp and got breakfast. I don't want to spoil it!

ME: What about the sisters were you drawn to?

VERA: I liked how they all looked out for each other and how even though they would be mean to each other, they still loved each other and made up in the end.

ME: Like you and your siblings?

VERA: Yep.

ME: Does it resonate with you personally?

VERA: Well, I have sisters. And I have a family. I'm also Black.

ME: Do you think knowing your history is important?

VERA: Yep. Because then I can learn more about myself and more about my family.

ME: Do you think you'll ever protest?

VERA: I don't think right now because I don't want to go outside during a pandemic.

ME: Are there ways to be involved besides protesting?

VERA: Yes. Like chalking the walk. Toy protests. Music -- you can protest with music.

ME: Did you know your dad has recorded protest music?


ME: Are your parents involved in movements?

VERA: Yes.

ME: How do you know?

VERA: Because I see them do it.


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