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Vera's Review: Twins by Varian Johnson

Hi! It's Vera. I’m back after so long. Today I'm going to be reviewing Twins by Varian Johnson, one of my my favorite writers who also wrote The Parker Inheritance. This is probably my favorite (and most relatable) graphic novel I’ve read so far.


Maureen and Francine Carter are twins, sisters, and best friends. When both of them start middle school, they start to drift apart from not having any classes together. Francine changes her name to Fran, and they end up running against each other for class president.

As things get crazier and pranks start to happen, how will the two sisters become friends again?

Q: Is this graphic novel the right one for me?

A: If you have siblings, cousins, or really close friends (which probably everyone has one of those), this book could also help you with your friend problems. I'm serious. There are definitely things you could learn from this book. It's also a great graphic novel in general.

Q:Is this book a good gift?

A: Anyone would probably like this graphic novel. Most graphic novels are super good, and this one is one of them. This would be a good graphic novel for someone who's a sister, cousin, twin, a person who identifies as she, a middle schooler, and anyone else that you may give this to.



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