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Meet the Dogs of Reading Is Resistance...and their Recommended Reads

Before we head into the weekend, we thought we'd also introduce you to the two furry Dogs of the Resistance who give us a lot of joy here at Reading Is Resistance headquarters.

Cinderella Moon Goddess (4 years old) and Captain Janeway Goodall (2 years old) are both rescues from local shelters. They love to accompany us as we do all of the Reading Is Resistance tasks.


Here's Captain Janeway Goodall basking in a sun patch while I photograph When We Were Alone by David Robertson. We were all trying to use that little beam of light at the same time!


Captain Janeway Goodall is named after a Star Trek Captain + the famous primatologist. "Janie" likes to lounge near us as we read. Here she is keeping guard of the house as Vera reads a graphic novel and lounging while Vera reads her stacks of comic books. In another moment, she is caught pre-nap as I read a book as part of my course preparation for my Social Justice in K-12 Education class at Portland State University.


Captain Janeway also likes to get up close and personal while I write Reading Guides and Lesson Plans.


Cinderella Moon Goddess came to us as "Cindee" and was described as a little sliver of the moon, so we expanded her name to suit her sweet, regal moonbeam of a personality. Cinderella can often be found guarding our biggest bookcase elegantly crossing her paws.


Because Cinderella and Janeway are around so many books and hear so many stories, they are also avid readers. For this post, they recommend the following of their favorite books:

I think you'll get a sense of why these are favorites. They're books that are both windows and mirrors for Cindee and Janie showing them the lives of other dogs and wolf relatives from all different parts of the world and with all different identities (read more on windows and mirrors from Rudine Sims Bishop).

We hope you've enjoyed this little into our canine companions in this resistance and joy work. Have a happy weekend, cuddle up, and keep reading for resistance!


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