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Make and Take: From Books to Action

Reading Is Resistance started as a family project. We started our family's library when the kids were babies, intentionally collecting and reading stories that would serve as mirrors, windows, and sliding glass doors (an idea from Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop). And when we got our Little Free Library, we immediately started curating it as a place where community folx could have access to a wide array of "own voices" books for all ages of young readers. The library then morphed into Reading Is Resistance, when we started to help teachers curate their own justice-centered classroom libraries and began workshops to support them in having the important conversations that those libraries seed. And the rest is history!

Working together with my family on Reading Is Resistance and with my students on related social justice in education projects has been a beautiful part of my learning, growing, stretching, and rooting. That's why I decided to take the leap and offer out an online course (live via Zoom) to other grown ups interested in putting together a social justice project or practice for their family, classroom, or other community group. Check out the video for a few more details...


We would love to see you join us in this first endeavor to share the Reading Is Resistance origins model...and to encourage you to build your own practices toward social justice in your spaces and places of influence. A few more things to know...

  1. the workshop is limited and intimate (no more than one Zoom computer screen)

  2. The workshop is family friendly -- kids, partners, pets, and friends are welcome.

  3. Session 1 takes place on Saturday, February 26. Session 2 takes place on Saturday, March 4, 11:00 am PST.

We have a commitment to make this workshop available to all interested people across economic access and have adopted a sliding scale for payment. We also contribute 10% of gross earnings to Shout Mouse Press, “a nonprofit writing and publishing program dedicated to amplifying underheard voices” that “invites young people (ages 12+) from marginalized backgrounds to tell their own stories in their own voices, and as published authors, to act as leaders and agents of change.”

To save your spot for imagination, creativity, joy, and justice, Register Now!


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