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Jingle Dancer Curriculum

Updated: Feb 18, 2023


Jenny dreams of jingle dancing at the upcoming powwow, but she doesn’t yet have her own jingle dress. This is a heartwarming story that showcases the importance of family and community relationships and the way cultural traditions get passed to the next generation. In addition, this story depicts a variety of contemporary Muscogee Nation women and a beautiful message about working together and honoring each other. The author’s note contains additional information about Jenna’s Muscogee Creek and Ojibwe identities in addition to information about powwows, regalia, and more.


identity, diversity, family, intergenerational connection, culture v. costume, appreciation v. appropriation


This curriculum was written by Zapoura Newton-Calvert. Reading Is Resistance sees reading as an opportunity to seed deeper learning, conversation, and possibilities for action around racial justice and liberation in our communities. The Social Justice Standards from Learning for Justice, founded by the Southern Poverty Law Center, serve as guides for our work. We also draw from abolitionist, decolonizing, heart/body-centered, and white anti-racist practices. Here is a short list of reads from a few of the many folx and communities who we have and continue to learn from and with:

  • Abolitionist Practice

  • Decolonization

  • Heart/Body Practices

  • White Anti-Racist Practice

Each digital download contains the following:

  • A welcome and book summary

  • An introduction to the Storyseed Curriculum Framework

  • A chart showing how our discussion questions align with the Learning for Justice Social Justice Standards

  • Discussion questions that support anti-oppression learning for all readers

  • A list of additional resources to extend the learning

  • Recommended books to read next (picture books and middle readers)


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