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VERA'S REVIEWS: Meet Vera, Age 10

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Meet our newest contributor -- avid reader, ballerina, silly face maker, and collage wizard Vera Newton! She will be writing and recording monthly reviews of books for Reading Is Resistance, and we are so happy to have her perspective! Here is a little bit about Vera from a recent interview:

What makes you laugh?

Funny memes with dogs and Nailed It.

What makes you cry?

Dog movies like Benji. Death. And the creepy stuffed chicken suit that was on Lombard.

What do you know how to do that you can teach others?

I know how to work hard, how to be kind, and how to make art out of garbage.

How would you change the world if you could?

Stop all cars and have everyone ride bikes. Close down all the bad companies that are making toxic waste. And make me president because I would make good choices.

What kinds of stories do you like best?

Ones about people because then I know more about their experiences. You can also figure out how to handle different situations by how other people handle them -- unless you're Donald Trump.

Do you see yourself reflected in books, and what does that feel like?

I saw myself reflected in Blended. It was good because it was about a mixed race kid like me.

What are a few books that you recommend to other kids?

  • Number the Stars

  • Blended

  • This Book Is Anti-Racist

  • The Okay Witch

Why should we read your reviews?

Because I say what I think and what is true. Yah. If a book is just poop, I'll let you know.


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