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Halloween Bookmarks and Supporting Independent, and Making a Difference with Everything We Do

Halloween Bookmarks

Let's cut to the chase! Vera and I have been having fun making Halloween themed Reading Is Resistance bookmark printables. Check out our recent short Instagram Live video about these and other fall topics and download and print these free, cute bookmarks for you and your kiddos:

Doing simple art projects together and listening to an audio book is a great way to read together. Lately, we've been listening to Stamped by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi, narrated by both. Pausing here and there to discuss, experiencing the book together has been brilliant and is helping us to continue to lay the foundation of our anti-racist vocabulary and knowledge as a family.

Supporting Those Who Fight for Justice

During our Instagram Live, we also talked about a story connecting our love for independent bookstores and our Read for Justice Fall 2020 focus -- supporting Vroman's bookstore. What does Vroman's have to do with #Neveragainisnow? Well, a lot, actually! When Manzanar was being used as a site of Japanese internment/concentration camps, employees from Vroman's drove books to the site in order to make sure the kids had books to read. This act of resistance was met with violence and protest and still Vroman's continued.

This reminds me so much of the following...we can make a difference with everything that we do. From my students who are planning on being social justice dentists (yes, dentists) by putting social justice books in their waiting rooms and making sure folx have access to public health and wellness to the friend who makes a logo for your organization at a reduced rate so that you can further your work. All of us are working toward the same goals with our talents. When you see this in yourself and in others, support it. Support Vroman's, support Pop Wonder (who made our logo), support Lofi Jazz Soul (who created the beautiful song for Read for Justice)...and give yourself the time and the energy you need to do this work yourself, too.

And shop the Reading Is Resistance Book Shop to see our Supernatural Picks! If you print our bookmarks, we'd love to see them in your favorite books! Send us your picks or tag reading_is_resistance on Instagram!


1 comment

1 Comment

Mike Beebe
Mike Beebe
Oct 22, 2020

One of my clients mission is to provide better access to dental care throughout WA and one of their challenges is convincing private practice dentists to accept Medicaid. We need more social justice dentists!

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