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Adventure Reading: Escape into Summer...

Today is the first day of my kids' summer break. And this year, it feels a lot different. With the global pandemic and a global movement for racial justice, we have a lot on our hearts and our minds. We hold the belief that our children should know what's happening in the world, and we are straight with them about things. We also hold the belief that they need a little escape and that growing their imaginations is also part of the fight for justice.

This week in our Coffee Conversation hosted by local Two Rivers Book Store, we are talking about books that give us adventure -- both real life and fantastical!Nic Stone, author of so many great books including Dear Martin and the soon-to-be-published Dear Justyce, recently published an article titled Don't Just Read About Racism, Read Stories About Black People Living. She writes, "I can’t help but wonder how different the world would look if we’d all grown up seeing Black people do the stuff white people did in books. Going on adventures. Saving the day. Falling in love. Solving mysteries. Dealing with a broken heart. Getting caught up in a riveting love triangle. Taking down oppressive regimes."

We are all about creating a different world -- through our reading and through our actions. What will our summer look like as we center and celebrate the stories of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color going on adventures? Take a look at some of our favorite series. The short descriptions are designed to give you a little taste of theme and content. Enjoy!

The Jumbies series by Tracey Baptiste is a fun and spooky story series and is nestled in Caribbean folklore and storytelling.

Brother/sister shenanigans plus dragons? Yes, please! Zetta Elliott's series is lighthearted, delightful, and fun.

What could be more adventurous than classic good versus evil battles, flying on the backs of dinosaurs, and an 1863 Brooklyn you've never seen before? The Dactyl Hill Squad is fast paced, fantastical, and historical.

Each of these stand-alone books is a perfect summer pick.

  • The Last Last Day of Summer: freezing time to extend summer break, the main characters end up in a wild, crazy, and goofy situations.

  • How to Make Friends with the Sea: set in the Philippines, this book is about facing one's fears and and making friends with things/people who might seem scary

  • Bayou Magic: in the depths of the Bayou, a granddaughter visits her grandmother and finds out about environmental degradation in the area and her own magical powers

  • Paola Santiago and the River of Tears: The legend of La Llorona meets a main character who really loves studying space...scary and fun!

The Love, Sugar, Magic series, by Anna Meriano, is sweet, spicy, and full of friendship, baking, and spells!

Funny, unexpected, and perfect for reading in the sun. Readers will love the Sal and Gabi series from Carlos Hernandez complete with detention, surprise powers, and a friendship that is a rollercoaster of ups and downs.


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