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We provide a monthly way for you to use children's books 

to start important conversations about

identity, diversity, justice, and action.

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In light of recent news of diverse children's books being thrown away at a school in Staten Island, we are offering a free mini curriculum designed to accompany My Two Border Towns by David Bowles and illustrated by Erika Meza.  


We stand in solidarity with book authors who teach truth.  We will continue to read and share their stories.  As an act of resistance, please download this mini-curriculum, and use it to have a conversation that builds social justice capacity while reading this beautiful book.

Our 2024 Curriculum Subscription!

Reading Is Resistance sees reading as an opportunity to seed deeper learning, conversation, and possibilities for action around racial justice and liberation in our communities.    

Our easy to use StorySeed curriculum contains justice-focused discussion questions, resources, reflection prompts, and book lists to grow your capacity as an individual reader, a reading pair, or a larger reading group.

Perfect for teachers, parents, and other grown-ups who work with kids or adults to imagine and co-create a more just world.


Together,we growour daily reading practicesfor a just world.

Story Seed Curriculum

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