How to Read for Justice with a Baby: Girls Can Do Anything

When is a good time to start using an anti-bias/anti-racist lens with kids? As soon as they are born! I often have parents ask if their kids are too young to do the deep learning around identity, diversity, justice, and action that we are committed to here at Reading Is Resistance. I always respond that it is never too early.

Recently, Athena (a member of our learning community in the Social Justice in K12 Education course at Portland State University) spent 10 weeks reading anti-bias/anti-racist books to her baby and talking about them with her. Athena's reflections on the experience were so funny, sweet, and important, really proving that when we hold anti-racist/anti-bias philosophy at the center, it is not only our children who learn and grow, but ourselves as well.

Transcript: I just finished reading Girls Can Do Anything by Caryl Hart and Ali Pye to my 5-month-old daughter. And I really liked that this book celebrates girls doing a variety of things, including playing hockey, being scientists, and it breaks a lot of the stereotypes that you are limited by your gender. And our favorite part of the book is the anthem, which is (you ready?): "Girls are amazing so shout it out loud. I'm a girl, I'm fantastic. I am strong, brave, and proud.

Find our lesson plan on Girls Can Do Anything and other resources for anti-bias/anti-racist reading with young readers HERE.

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