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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Created by: Jade Walker

Reading Beauty- Jade Walker
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Reading Beauty

Written by Deborah Underwood

Illustrated by Meg Hunt

Lex is the princess of an interstellar kingdom and loves to read. A fairy curses Lex to a deep sleep caused by a paper cut, so her parents ban books from the kingdom in order to protect Lex. Determined to bring books back to her and the whole kingdom, Lex sets out to find the fairy and break the curse! Lex must use her compassion, bravery, and love of learning to complete her mission.

This book is a futuristic spin on the familiar fairytale, Sleeping Beauty. The storyline takes place in space and has some fun technology, including space ships, but also encompasses modern ideals like feminism and racial diversity. The princess does not wait to be saved, and the story does not end in a wedding; rather, the princess takes action to solve her problems and finds friendship while doing so.


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Discussion Questions

In this story, reading is an activity that is really important and special to Lex and her family. What is something that is really important to you and your family to do together? Do you have more than one important activity? Do you have different important things that you do with your friends?

Lex used her books to learn how to help fix her problem. What are some things that you have learned from books? Have you ever used a book to help you solve a problem? What are some other ways you learn things?

When Lex realized why the fairy was not included, she took action and offered to help her. Have you ever felt excluded? Did someone help include you? Have you ever helped include someone else in something you were doing?

Lex helped the fairy learn to do her favorite thing - read. Have you ever taught a friend how to do something you liked to do? Has a friend ever taught you about something they enjoyed?

What would you ask Lex about if you could talk to her? What would you like to tell her about yourself?

Relevant Identity & Diversity Standards for Grades K-2

  • Identity Standard 1: I know and like who I am and can talk about my family and myself and name some of my group identities.

  • Justice Standard 14: I know that life is easier for some people and harder for others and the reasons for that are not always fair.

  • Action Standard 17: I can and will do something when I see unfairness - this includes telling an adult.

Resources to Extend the Learning

  • DK Findout Children Just Like Me at This interactive website has children from all around the world introduce themselves and share about what they like to do. This website is collaborative with an older book titled: Children Just Like Me: A Unique Celebration of Children Around the World. The website beautifully portrays what the book originally shared.

  • Drawing 4 Kids | How to Draw is a YouTube channel full of videos that teach kids how to draw all types of different characters - seasonal, princesses, superheroes, animals, food, etc. It’s a great opportunity for a child to celebrate something they love while learning about someone else’s passion - drawing.

  • Elementary Resources For K to 2 is a PBS Kids website full of many learning opportunities and activities for kids to do at home. It is easily searchable by activity or age group - making it convenient to learn about something you already love or to explore something new.

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