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You pre-order for a Valentine in your life (January 14 - January 28).  On February 7, we send your Valentine:

  1. Bright Star by Yuyi Morales (a beautiful picture book about courage and hope in the borderlands for readers from 0-125!

  2. A link to a social justice reflection activity for Bright Star

  3. A postcard saying "“You are a bright star within our hearts” and describing our project.

  4. A heart friendship bracelet


And we donate to the Butterfly Effect:

  1. A copy of Lucero by Yuyi Morales (Bright Star in Spanish)

  2. A matching heart friendship bracelet



Our friends at the Butterfly Effect: Migration Is Beautiful are headed to the U.S./Mexico border and will be taking donations of books, necessities, and friendship bracelets with them to share. We are inspired by their work with Team Brownsville in supporting families seeking assylum at the border between the U.S. and Mexico. 


We stand with the Butterfly Effect in the belief that "All kids should be free and with the people who love them. We see you, we care about you and we welcome you."  Stand with us!



The cost for a gift for your Valentine, a donation to The Butterfly Effect, and all shipping and labor is $35.00.  

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