Reading Is Resistance provides curated anti-bias discussion questions and extended learning experiences to go with our May Book Club pick! These are designed using the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards. 


WEEK 1: pp.1-95
WEEK 2: pp. 96-179
WEEK 3: pp. 180-277
WEEK 4: pp. 278-end



Watch Us Rise by Ellen Hagan and Renée Watson, is a story of two young women in high school. During the next few weeks we will discuss our conversations on race, intersectionality, feminism body liberation, losing a parent, and friendships. There will be a focus on anti-bias learning through the framework of the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards.

Teaching Tolerance Standard Identity 5 (Grade 9-12)

I recognize traits of the dominant culture, my home culture and other cultures, and I am conscious of how I express my identity as I move between those spaces.

Discussion Question

What stands out to you about Jasmine and/or Chelsea and as you are introduced to them and watch them navigate the world?



In this section, the main characters face great empowerment, barriers, and the princess industrial complex lead to a protest. There are connected moments with families and how that influences the social justice framework. The book explores identity, beauty industry and how to be a feminist in the world with the lens of intersectionality.

Teaching Tolerance Standard Diversity 8 (Grade 9-12)

I respectfully express curiosity about the history and lived experiences of others and exchange ideas and beliefs in an open-minded way. 

Discussion Question

What did you notice about historical movements, artists voices, and other activists voices are used in this book? What stands out?



This section of the book talks about the field trip to Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, and the main characters are inspired to create T-shirts as a form of activism.

Teaching Tolerance Standard Justice 14 (Grade 9-12)
I am aware os the advantages I have in society because of my membership in different identity groups, and I know how this affected my life.

Discussion Question

Can Jasmine and Chelsea sustain a real friendship while still grappling with different advantages and disadvantages impact their lives and relationship?

Extended Learning

Take a trip to the Schomburg Center (virtual: visit their website


Google Art by Emory Douglas who created posters for the black panther party representing the struggles of black people in the 60s and 70s.